Bueker Genealogy

On-line Buekers

Here is a listing for all the Buekers (related to me) I know of that are on-line:

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Genealogy Information

If you think you might be part of this same Bueker clan (out of Grand Pass Missouri) , then check out my own Bueker genealogy info.

You can also look at another Bueker clan from Missouri and Washington.

Check out general genealogy information if you want information about the Bueker family in the broad sense.

More on-line Buekers

There are other Buekers on the web, a number - not surprsingly in Germany. Here is a listing of other Buekers on the web (this list is not exhaustive):

**These addresses may not be valid.

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If the Bueker you are looking for isn't here then try some of these search engines (you can search for e-mail or phone numbers):

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