General Genealogy

This is a short list of general genealogy links :

National Genealogical Society A good place to start with lots of basic information.

U.S. Surname Distribution Bueker only appears in the 1990 data!

Net Guide Index A very comprehensive listing of internet genealogy resources.

RAND Genealogy Club Another good place to start.

A cousin calculator to figure out how many time removed etc.

Genealogical Database Index the mother lode of genealogy databases (takes a LONG time to load!).

Genealogy Toolbox

German-American History Links

German-Americana For people looking for resources on German-American history, this is a good place to start. "This page developed out of a simple wish to offer such information to my students. I hope my efforts will encourage others to undertake the greater task of coordinating scholarly research and resources on the internet in this field."

Max Kade Institute The Max Kade Institute is a center for research into German-American topics; it is also publisher. The site has links to its searchable International Bibliography of German-Americana, libraries, archives, museums, and other research centers.

Ken Kronenberg Ken Kronenberg is a German translator. He has a book coming out on a German family's immigration to Missouri.

Dream Spinner A film about German emmigration to Missouri!

German Community in Missouri still under construction, but has a few notes on Germans in Missouri.

Here are some links to German genealogy sites:

Other Miscellaneous Bueker Genealogy

Burgers' Company and Family History - a reference to a grandpa F. Bueker in the Missouri Ozarks.

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